Regina Capital Development Corporation (RCDC) started its operations on December 10, 1989. Its performance has been based primarily on the reputation, expertise and experience of the people behind the company. It is because of them that the organization can boast of a credible track record of more than 20 years of successful operation.

In May 1996, RCDC expanded its network by setting up a branch in Iloilo while retaining its philosophy of being a private broker. RCDC entered into a partnership with a local group, which shared in RCDC’s vision of being the leading private broker in the Philippines.

After more than two years of experience of successful collaboration with its first venture, RCDC expanded its branch network to Greenhills, San Juan to tap the high net worth individuals residing in the area. RCDC entered into a partnership with another local group, this time with extensive contact in the area.

Before the close of the millennium, RCDC continued its expansion despite the adverse Philippine capital market conditions by entering into a 3rd partnership with a Legaspi Village, Makati business group who also shared the vision of RCDC and who would be accessing a distinct market segment of high net worth individuals for RCDC. During the same year, RCDC commissioned an organizational study of the company as part of its commitment to operate with a “lean and mean” staff.

By year end, Regina Capital celebrated its tenth anniversary with an expanded trading group and plans for extending its research efforts from technical to fundamental analysis. Such research is still disseminated through the Regina Newsletter and through the Regina Website.

The first initiative of the new millennium was the extension into fundamental research and the targeting of high net worth individuals who were less conversant with the Philippine Stock Market. This was implemented with the launch of the RCDC Research (also found in the newsletter).

Mid-year, Regina Capital continued its branch expansion despite adverse political and economic conditions by opening a branch in Cagayan de Oro.

By the 3rd quarter of 2000, the company made its weekly newsletter and research more accessible, by allowing its loyal customers to view this online.

Two year later, RCDC officially launched its Website ( In 2008 the website was further redesigned to be more responsive to its growing clientele. Our Chairman Dr. Victor S. Limlingan still gives his regular insight on various topics and how they affect the stock market in general.

By 2005, another branch was opened in Baguio – the first one to service the northern Philippine area. This brought the number of branches to five, giving the company the most extensive coverage in the country.

In the coming years, the world witnessed the fragility of the capital markets through two succeeding catastrophes – the 2008 US Subprime Crisis, followed by the 2011 European Debt Crisis. Consumer confidence was once again tested, as investors had now become weary of taking risky and complicated positions.

As a testament to Regina’s dedication in restoring that same confidence, the company continued to act as a private broker to its valued clients in order to keep them better informed of what was happening both globally and locally. In addition, RCDC jointly participated with the PSE in educating the retail market regarding stock trading in the Philippines, further emphasizing how institutions are promoting more transparency through its regular Philippine Stock Exchange Road Shows.

Not wanting to settle for mediocrity, the Directors decided in 2012 to further strengthen its sales force, by having a dedicated team to specialize in different market categories. At the same time, RCDC remains open to various local and international tie-ups as part of its expansion plans.

Regina Capital later migrated from manual time stamping to computerized time order taking. We are pleased to inform that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has formally approved this proposal. In this connection, RCDC ensures that electronic copied of all customer orders will be available to you upon request.

Most recently, the company launched its online trading platform, Regina Online Investing (ROI). With it, clients can now take full control of their trading portfolio by executing orders on their own.

Always searching for opportunity despite the different challenges it faces, Regina Capital will remain steadfast in the years to come. As the company’s chairman had eloquently put it, ‘The best is yet to be.’

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