Step #1

Every person must, at one point, start saving his money and evaluating which investments are available for him.

Step #2

Next, the investor may get in touch with any RCDC personnel who can advise him on these alternatives. The RCDC financial advisor will map out the client’s investment objective, risk appetite and time horizon. Those who would like to actively monitor the portfolio may choose to invest in stocks individually through any of Regina’s brokers. For those who are more passive, the Regina Balanced Fund is the better option.

Step #3

The RCDC financial advisor will discuss the fund’s prospectus and investment strategy in greater detail. Afterwards he will give the necessary account opening forms and requirements. These may be downloaded online and are available at any of RCDCs branches.

Step #4

Once all documents are ready, the account will be generated and the client will have online access to view his portfolio.

Step #5

Over time, the client will be able to enjoy the benefits of his investment.


An average investor could not create a well-balanced portfolio by trying to buy the same number of stocks and using the same mix and distribution. It would be too expensive. The Regina fund lets you buy into a diversified portfolio for as much as you to normally acquire one stock.


When you buy into a mutual fund, you are essentially choosing a fund manager to look after your investments. These are seasoned professionals who have a lot of experience, accreditation and credibility in the industry and are essentially monitoring the market on a day-to-day basis.


This involves the mixing of investments within a portfolio and is used to manage risk. The Regina fund’s portfolio will include investments from different high-growth industries in the Philippines.


Smaller denominations of mutual funds provide the investors the ability to make periodic investments through regular purchase plans while taking advantage of peso-cost averaging. So, rather than having to wait until you have enough money to buy higher-cost investments, you can get in right away with mutual funds.


Mutual funds are able to take advantage of their buying and selling size and thereby reduce transaction costs for investors. When you buy into the Regina fund, you are able to diversify without the numerous commission charges a normal brokerage would charge.


A normally overlooked advantage is the relative ease of accumulating in the fund over time, and exiting once you have reached your investment goal. As opposed to other investments that are rather hard to dispose of, you can receive your proceeds normally within five business days of redemption.


Reducing the tax liability of a fund is mainly done in the following:

a. By purchasing tax-free (or low taxed) investments such as bonds.
b.  Keeping the fund’s turnover low, especially if the fund invests in stock.


The mutual fund publishes the latest holdings during the end of each period. In addition, the management company records all the interest payments and makes sure dividends on the fund’s securities are received, recorded and disbursed.


The Regina Balanced Fund is a locally invested mutual fund that combines asset allocation, diversification and professional management for a minimum initial investment. This is directed towards investors who are looking for a mixture of safety, income, and modest capital appreciation. The Fund’s objective is to generate total returns consisting of current income and capital appreciation consistent with prudent management of the Fund’s assets. For more information, please (get contact info from contact us page)

Forms for Regina Balanced Form:

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